Thursday, 24 April 2014

Mike Bara - Smug Bastard

Hi Mike,

Remember you were so smug about the fame, the girls, the cars, the money etc..etc...
Here's a few choice quotes regarding your all bullshit tv show Uncovering Aliens.
Not quite reason to be smug Mikey boy.

Of the latest batch of UFO related shows, this is the absolute worst. Sensationalistic, unscientific, garbage. 4 so-called "experts"
spout off lots of hair-brained theories without any real evidence or documentation to back it up. I've seen two episodes and that's
enough for me to never, ever watch this show again.

They're just a bunch of amateur jerks who knew the right peoples to get their own show. Some people do a better job making YouTube videos
without getting paid.

I've never seen a more pathetic show on Television. What scientific qualifications do these people have?

Of all the lame, tedious insults to intelligence "reality TV" has foisted on audiences, this is the worst. Four people who are supposed
to be intelligent, sophisticated researchers sit around slack-jawed with awe listening to any kind of bunk coming from "witnesses," as if
the four just fell off the back of the pumpkin truck.

Take a 40 minute walk instead of wasting your time watching this trash.

What nut-hut did they find these clowns in? Where does Smith's accent come from anyway, it mutates during the show from Australian to
English to American depending on the length of statement he's making and the number of syllables in a word.

I'm saying that my life is worse now, Having seen this. If you enjoy this poorly made show, you should be sterilized to keep the human
race from becoming less intelligent. I would rather watch 24 hour infomercials "Clockwork Orange" style than this mental junk food...and
I believe in alien life.

Kindest Regards

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