Thursday, 3 July 2014

For FUCK sake Bara

Doesn't this large tub of transfats have a massive hot for himself.

He writes on his farcebook.......

OK ladies, my numerology says that July is an excellent month for me to meet my next mate! So if you want to be the next ex-Mrs. Bara, better get those resume's polished up!

Fuck Sake


  1. Ladies, avoid dating bara at all costs, it will end badly for you. As if you needed telling that after seeing him huffing and puffing on UA, his fat gut hanging out of his tshirt and sweatpants as he runs around after CGI-added non-existent helicopters.

    1. bara happily calls some women ugly cunts (his words) who shouldn't breed.

    2. you're not exactly going to have an in-depth philosophical discussion over the dinner table with this dimwit

    3. Most importantly bara's Number One love is bara. You'll always be second

    4. Finally, you want a man, not a coward who markets his books using dead children, insults disabled people, who is insecure in his own sexuality and who is terrified of having a public debate about his dreamt up theories.

  2. For someone who wrote "Just know that the best part about success isn't the fame, the money or even the girls. It's making shitheaps like you and Derek watch..." - He never seems to actually get a woman. Hence he is always making schoolboy plays for them on the internet. Truly pathetic.