Friday, 25 July 2014

Mike Bara - Internet research guru

to Mike, RCH, martin
Hi Mike,

I notice that you are using internet amateurs to do your research for you again. Well at least you credit the people in the facebook group or do you ?

Let me get this straight. You are taking images from a facebook open group where people are playing with pareidolia. They are even making jokes about being able to see Jimmy Durante, or a "blurry Indian Chief" - yet you use images from this group and claim machinery, and the usual stuff.

Brilliant Mikey, just fucking brilliant. 

Now step up along with Richard C. Hoagland and collect your Nobel prize. What an absolute joke.

Not joke as in funny you understand. Just to be clear on that.

Expat calls your condition "baradolia."  - Now that's funny.
A collection of baradolia.

Kindest Regards


  1. You missed my fave -- the Martian replica of the Theme restaurant at Los Angeles airport.

    He doesn't even take the trouble to give us references, so we could check these ridiculous images in the NASA?Univ. Ariz. collections.

  2. Apologies. I did indeed miss that beauty Expat.
    Is Bara mental ? - I sometimes wonder. then I realise he's just a lazy fat bastard that didn't put the work in to get even a basic degree. Yet describes himself as an aeronautical engineer. Easy money when fools are willing to cough up I guess. Fraud, sciolist, cheat and liar.