Tuesday, 15 July 2014

Dark Mission in the ultimate bargain bucket.

Hi Richard,

I remember Robin chastising people on your facebook page when they complained that you never seem to come up with the promised "part two" of many of what you refer to as "papers."

Robin then went on to ask people if they worked for free, and indicated that if people wanted the next installment they should contact your site and offer money for you to deliver your promised part two's.

Imagine my horror when I found THIS link to DARK MISSION in pdf format for FREE.

Some people are just plain irresponsible, and whilst I in no way want to see internet censorship, this kind of precipitous dissemination of balderdash terrifies me.

There are teenagers and young adults on the internet ALL the time. Some of them are not even looking at porn. Some of them may accidentally come across this error laden doorstop and believe it's true.

This is outrageous. I hope you will do all in your power to have this garbage removed to a place where no young people can be harmed by reading it.

Kindest Regards


  1. Replies
    1. Not sure Chris. I cannot bear the pain of finding out.

    2. I ask because the original was available through "other sources" online a few years back. The Internet has always been a double edged sword for guys like Hoagland and Bara. While it gives them a wider audience than they'd normally have, it also provides their fans easy (and free) access to their material.

      Haogland (and his faithful ward Robin) was always complaining about his presentations being found for free somewhere on the Web. He screamed bloody murder at the first hint that someone somewhere was getting his stuff without giving him a dime for it. The claim was that by downloading the free version would deprive him of funds for his research. Yeah, I thought that was funny too.

      Back when he was on his FB page (and I hadn't been banned yet), he'd always plug some stupid decade old video that some how was relevant to the topic at hand. I'd always respond with a link to the free stuff, which would force Hoagland to delete my post. It was (for me anyway) an amusing game to see how long it would take for him to do that. Now of course, he provides the links on his own website, having concluded (correctly) that no one is really willing to pay for that crap anyway.

      Bara has avoided the issue somewhat by just writing more books. That those books are just collections of the cannibalized research from DM is besides the point. Unlike Hoagland, he actually got off his a** and wrote more books. He didn't just try to live off of the fact he sat next to Uncle Walter 50 years ago.