Sunday, 6 July 2014

Hoagland laughed at again.

Hi Richard,

Above Top Secret are posting Mars stuff about you.
I know that you care little for copyright violation, and that you fake images.
But these people are claiming that your fake images are their fake images.

Some of them are even more ridiculous than that YU55 Borg sphere thing you posted before you stopped asking for cash on Facebook.

It's outrageous.

Kindest Regards

YU55 is really a spaceship according to Hoagland.

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  1. As I said over at Expat's site, I'm surprised at the negative reaction to the material. While it might not actually be Hoagland himself, it is definitely his work, and a website full of conspiracy lovers is calling it BS. That's not a good sign for the self-proclaimed Big Man.

    I also love your "But these people are claiming that your fake images are their fake images." line. In Hoagie's case it works the other way around too. A lot of his fake stuff is actually someone else's fake stuff with a bit of re-branding. The Nazis on the Moon stuff actually comes from Robert Heinlein (in a kids book from the 50's) and Joseph Farrell. He took almost his entire presentation at some secret space program conference from Dr. Judy Wood. And most of his many narratives come from Star Trek, 1950's science fiction movies, and the many works of Arthur C. Clarke. So the fake comes full circle.