Thursday, 26 June 2014

Hoagland again grandstanding on human tragedy in pursuit of cash

Recently I blogged about Richard C. Hoagland being interviewed by Jeremy Paxman on the BBC regarding ancient structures on the Moon. This short interview was conducted on July 26th 1996.

This was a few days after flight TWA800 exploded in mid air killing all 230 people on board.

Listen to Hoagland comparing his Moon woo to the crash investigation that was ongoing at the time.

He is actually comparing his ancient structures on the Moon "investigation" to that of Robert Francis who was appointed to lead the TWA800 crash investigation.

What a vile, disgusting pig I hear you say. Yes indeed he is. A man with no morals who will happily line his pockets with the cash of the gullible whilst using tragedy to bring attention to himself and sell more of his utter poppycock science. All while the families of the victims weep for their loved ones.

But, It's not the first time he has done this. Oh no, this creepy bastard has previous for this sort of thing. He makes me want to vomit.

TWA800 Being rebuilt by crash investigators

Burnt out Apollo 1 capsule.

Both Hoagland and Bara are quite vile in their own right. I have a hard time figuring out which one I would like to punch in the face first.

Who's the fucking jockey eh ?

Mike Bara - Fat disgusting greasy bastard.


  1. Attaching himself to something in the news was a Hoagland staple back when he was camping out on his FB page. A big story would break, lots of interest would be generated, and then faster than you can say HD Physics, Hoagie would come up with some stupid angle that made the story just another part of his narrative.

    I must admit there was a certain amount of entertainment value that could be taken from such lame attempts at relevance. The way the faithful ate it up was also entertaining. At least it was until you realized there were real people suffering real tragedies here, and it really wasn't just some pulp sci fi story Hoagland had made up to keep people tuned in. That's when it became obvious the guy you were dealing with is just a very big creep.

    The interesting thing about Hoagland's pseudo-science ambulance chasing is that the minute the story went cold (in other words, it would no longer make for a possible C2C AM segment), Hoagie would apparently lose total interest in it. He'd go on for weeks (as in the case of the Gulf Oil Spill story) about how the story was a harbinger of great things about to be revealed, then never mention it again. You'd think that some people would have caught on to the gag, but they never seemed to get it.

  2. The Gulf oil spill was something both Hoagland and his bit of fluff "Dr" Robin Falkov used to grandstand, aggrandize themselves and make money.

    Hoagland was screeching for the "mud logs" that he said were being suppressed. As if that mathematical fucking dunce would have known how to interpret them anyway. Falkov meanwhile took off like a bat out of hell to fill bottles full of Gulf water. This she then diluted a bazillion times and sold it for $30 a bottle to cure "gulf spill syndrome" - whatever the fuck that is. Man what a pair of thieving bastards.

  3. Remember that bara has done this too. When the Connecticut school shootings took place, leaving 20 children and 6 parents dead, he blogged that it proves there is a global consciousness force, complete with three links to his book on Amazon.

    Extraordinary isn't it? Most people are shocked and apalled by the event. Whereas Mike sees 20 dead children as a marketing opportunity.

    Then we have his apalling comments about Hawking's mind being as diseased as his body.

    See a pattern here? If you're a dead child or a chronically disabled person then bara sees you as fair game. They're not going to answer back. If you're able bodied with a sharp mind and ready to take him on he'll hide from you. Lazy, pathetic, vile cowards the pair of them.