Friday, 4 July 2014

Bara in denial

Hi Mike,

Remember you wrote,  "Just know that the best part about success isn't the fame, the money or even the girls. It's making shitheaps like you and Derek watch..." - May I ask, how come you never ever have a girlfriend ? - You are always trying to pick one up on the internet. It doesn't seem that you are quite the catch you seem to think you are.

 I'd like to think that due to our outing you as a creepy misogynist, myself and Expat have contributed somewhat to your appalling lack of success with women.

Also the incessant labeling of your male critics as homosexual has people (including myself) wondering. Thou doth protest too much. Methinks.

Fuck Sake 2.

Kindest Regards


  1. Ironically you put more effort into that than bara does with any of his own image "enhancements".

  2. Lmfao Chris. You noticed.