Friday, 20 June 2014

Bara shows his true colour - and its YELLOW

Hi Mike,

I notice that you are quoting "scientific materialists", and listing papers by these same "scientific materialists" on your blog.

Isn't that odd since you despise real scientists and have often made the claim that there is no such thing as the laws of physics.

I get it now Mikey. You hate scientific materialists, and blithering idiot physicists until you come across something that you can shoehorn into supporting your preposterous woo. Cherry picker.

Oh, and when will you debate Dr Robbins ? - You claimed you would demolish Neil deGrasse Tyson in a debate.

"Trust me, neither you nor NDGT would like to see me debate him. He'd get beat worse than the Broncos in the Super Bowl. And BTW, science is not Truth. Scientific materialism is simply another worldview no different than the religious dogmas it and people like him seek to ridicule." - Mike Bara

So why are you running scared from Dr Robbins. You insulted him on radio where he had no means of reply. You agreed to debate him. Now you hide. What's the term they use in Yankland to describe people like that ? "Yellowbellied"

Kindest Regards


  1. Bara writes "Yet More Research Supports Key Prediction of Hypersimensional Physics Model". He does this a lot - wets himself in excitement and bangs something out without checking it, in this case not spell-checking it. Rather like his painfully bad story books.

    His article is dishonest because he takes a specific study and uses it to beg the question. He cannot explain so-called hyperdimensional physics at all in academic terms (no maths, no physics, no astrophysics) but claims, with the wave of a hand, that more planets are needed. A scientific paper comes along which talks about more planets. Ker-ching! In bara's world that "supports" hyperdimensional physics.

    That's called begging the question. A classic logical fallacy. It's also dishonest because his less astute readers will see his daft claims, then see New Scientist mentioned, and leap to the conclusion that New Scientist is endorsing bara's claims. He knows it. And you can see the lack of scruples from this charlatan - one minute he's decrying science, the next minute he's quoting papers on arXiv.

    If hyperdimensional physics exists it's time for bara to put up or shut up. Explain what it is, how it works. Show your working. Use both sides of the paper. We like hardcore maths, let's see some please. Tame waffly blog posts just continue to show that it's all piss and wind.

  2. Quite right, Chris. Among the comments I posted to his blog was:

    4. Have you done the calculations necessary to confirm that these new Oort cloud objects add sufficient specific angular momentum to the solar system to satisfy your hypothesis? Where can I see these calculations?

    1. Come on Expat, the man can't even correctly calculate his own bar bill, let alone use high level mathematics to prove a made up physics theory that he has no hope of understanding anyway. Hoagland was the mathematical genius in that relationship, and we all know how well that worked out.