Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Mike Bara Middle East political correspondent

Hi Mike,

Recently you wrote, "There is no 'collapse' going on in Iraq. All of this stuff you are reading about took place over a week ago. It is all being staged to keep certain corrupt people in their positions. The news is being manufactured."

You are joking aren't you ? - Are the BBC and every other news agency on the planet "in on the game" and hiding the real truth from us. That truth being that there is no collapse going on in Iraq. Ridiculous.

Almost as ridiculous as you and Hoagland expecting people to believe every scientist and engineer on Earth are scared to reveal the truth that only you two and a few privileged others are in possession of. You know Mikey, that "truth" you crooks like to sell.

Iraq is a mess Mikey. It's a mess primarily because of America and her poodle the UK. Now it is fragmented, descending into civil war perpetrated by Islamist nutjobs that would have been squashed should America's old best friend Saddam still been in power. America and the UK under Bush and Blair are directly responsible for the clusterfuck that is now the Middle East.

But perhaps that was ultimately the plan of the insane neo-cons who started the whole bloody mess.

Kindest Regards


  1. Truth according to Mike Bara: "Mars has the most eccentric orbit of all the planets".

    This was in his Phoenix MUFON lecture.

  2. Good grief.
    Even a cursory wiki search would have sufficed.
    Then again, Mike doesn't trust what he calls "Googlepedia."
    Yes that's right. Mikey thinks that Google and Wikipedia are staffed by people who want to suppress his "research."