Monday, 16 June 2014

Bara the fanciful lunatic disgraces himself. Again.


  1. There's a bit missing off the last one, it should be "I have on many occasions defeated NASA's best Ph.Ds in the annual Houston pie-eating competition as you can see from this apalling photo of my metabolic syndrome."

    Think about this. For fat bara's theories to be true, NASA would have to be constantly finding things out and then going to great lengths to cover them up, over and over again. Wouldn't it be easier, and billions of dollars cheaper, to just not bother finding them out in the first place?

    The cake guzzling genius has never thought of that.

  2. It's really astonishing how the goalposts are being moved faster and faster on a whim. I'd say the posts are in a state of flux. Especially now we are seeing excellent Mars data almost daily.

    Man, those "in the know" - must have literally tens of thousands of people helping them hide shit.

    1. Hi Chris,

      Just thought about my previous reply a wee bit more.

      Can you imagine the number of people that would have to be involved in a secret "photoshopping division" throughout the entire range of current space faring nations that would be required to keep their "truth" secret.

      Thousands ?

  3. Yes, there would need to be thousands of people in the know all collaborating to stay quiet. All those chemtrail people too, all working against us (although don't they breath the same air as us? Oops, another one busted) And it would only take *one* *single* *person* to talk to blow the whole thing apart permanently. The idea doesn't stand up to the slightest intelligent scrutiny, does it? But can we expect intelligence from the imbecile who claims his dead dog writes human poetry from beyond the grave, or the thug who dances on the graves of recently massacred children to link spam his book with some waffle about global consciousness.

    Bara is insecure and emotionally immature and needs constant validation of his self-worth. He's a narcissist, his own number one fan. He is too immature to form emotional bonds with people, because people might tell him some unpleasant truths, whereas with cats and dogs he gets to stay in control (unless they die and then write him a poem telling him how bad he is, presumably).

    Similarly all this rubbish about alien artifacts is another way for him to have control over something. Normal people work hard and go on to become formally qualified and earn the right to talk about their subjects Bara doesn't have the education or skill to do it so he latches on to aliens and claims to be an expert of his own making. Anyone can do that if they can't be bothered putting in the work. He can say whatever he wants and claim it to be true. Unfortunately for him it's even easier for us to take his theories and shred them to pieces.

    This video sums up the alien conspiracy