Tuesday, 3 June 2014

So Mikey - you have a helluva big hit for yourself

Mike Bara has routinely described himself as an aerospace engineer. I have also heard him refer to himself as an aeronautical engineer, and jetliner designer. This is the same Mike Bara who likes to point out that the first thing that debunkers do it wave their credentials at you.

Twenty five years as an engineering consultant we are told. We hear Boeing and Lockheed as being companies who paid for Mike Bara's expertise in the field. Not that Mike is waving his credentials you understand. He is actually telling lies. Bara has never been an aerospace engineer, he has never been a jetliner designer nor an aeronautical engineer. He has worked for Boeing though, as a contractor doing CAD-CAM. Not quite the same thing.

When it comes to insults we know Mike isn't one to hold back. He likes to dismiss his critics in the style of a rude, angst ridden teenage brat rather than address any criticism. Women are called cunts too ugly to reproduce and men are dismissed as homosexuals and psychopathic cyber-stalkers.

Attacking Dr Stuart Robbins Mike had this to say. "His personal attack on me is dripping with envy, and frankly, taking one look at him, it’s pretty obvious he’s never even kissed a girl, or if he has, she wasn’t exactly a “Penny” in the looks department."

One female critic responded to Mike's assertion that men turn to stone when they look at her. She laid it bare. Simply stating facts. Paraphrasing, "you [Bara] aren't exactly doing well in the looks department. You are fat, short and bald." Mike of course deleted her comment whilst leaving his own misogynistic tripe on display.

I'll leave the reader to make up their own mind about that. Here's Mikey.....

Mike Bara - pretend aerospace engineering consultant. AKA - portly CAD jockey.

Mike also loves to watch himself on television. " Why he [Dr Robbins] and others of his ilk seem so obsessed with me I cannot fathom, but maybe it’s because I’m on TV all the time (For the record, I LOVE watching myself on TV. It’s a visceral thrill. You should try it sometime Stuart. Oh, that’s right—you don’t have the option…).

Real nice guy eh ? - This is the man who tells us that he is a spiritual human being concerned for the welfare of the human race. He also tells us that his dead dog can write poetry from beyond the grave, that pet psychics are real and astrology is a perfectly legitimate science. He also tells us that he is confident he can prove there are no such things as the laws of physics and that J.K. Rowling is "in the know" because the image of Voldemort in the Harry Potter movies resembles some image taken from a radio experiment in the 1920's where ET was apparently contacted.

Voldemort in space, or so Mike Bara would have us believe. I am not making this up.

He also tells us that "Sitchin is truth, The Choice is truth, Lloyd Pye is truth, Dark Mission is truth."

Mike the humanist also delights in telling people how successful he is and telling his critics that they are jealous of the girls, the cars and the fame.

Mike also tells us that pareidolia (the tendency for humans to try and make sense of random patterns, think Jesus on toast or Mother Theresa on a bagel, or indeed the Rorschach test) is not real, does not exist and is merely a term invented by debunkers.
This is odd, since Mike relies on pareidolia to populate his shite books with.

By this point you may be wondering why bother. The man is clearly a rude, obnoxious, thug. Indeed he is, and so much more. But both he and Hoagland really had it coming. They deserve to be exposed and have their congregation informed that they have been worshiping at the altar of bullshit, and paying for it for years.

It’s pretty scary to a lot of people that Newton could turn out be a dumb shit. - Mike Bara

Conversely Mike also thinks Sean David Morton is a genius, pals around with him and lauds his work. Yet Newton, Einstein and Hawking are dullards. He also thinks David Wilcock is fantastic.

Mikey and The Rev Dr Sean David Morton Ph.D. - yes that's how Morton monickers himself. How fucking dumb is this fat prick ?

Mikey and David Wilcock. He of the I am the reincarnation of Edgar Cayce bullshit.

What an utter creep.


  1. He hasn't mentioned SDM or Melissa lately. Perhaps there's been a falling-out. Or Mike decided SDM's "vibrations" are wrong now he's a convicted crim.

  2. Morton got done ? - last I heard he actually weaseled out of charges of a $6m investment fraud. Damn I hope he gets jailed at some point. I'm sure someone will find his fat arse attractive in the showers.

  3. Maybe Mike wants to distance himself from SDM due to all the legal issues there.

    Have you been following his FB lately? Mike also sees through the lies of Big Climate since there haven't been major hurricanes hitting the US in several years and there's been no warming since 1998!

  4. Just a reminder of how much an apalling creep Mike is.


    There he is using the murder of children and adults to sell his shit book.