Thursday, 12 June 2014

When will Hoagland break cover again

Hi Richard,

It's been a while since you broke cover and cobbled together your ridiculous Jade Rabbit nonsense. You have promised part two is coming soon. Where have we heard that old cherry from before ? - Oh yeah, that's right we heard it from you. I wonder if you will break with tradition and actually publish a part two of this garbage. Please do. It's such fun watching you get more and more preposterous.


  1. Promising part two is Hoagland's way of explaining why part one isn't really finished. Part one isn't finished because Hoagland tends to lose interest in a subject the minute he's done talking to Noory (or the check from the last conference cleared, whichever comes first), so he doesn't have the energy to finish his thought. Which is just as well, as the original idea was half assed anyway.

  2. One of the amusing events from the days when there was content on the Hoagland Farcebook page, was when "Doctor" Falkov came to his defense over all those never-written "Part Two"s. She wrote something like "If you want this information, how about paying for it? Richard works hard and deserves payment like anyone else." The rush to the Paypal button was not noticeable. LOL.

  3. Hoagland always had a problem convincing his cyber-fans (even the more rabid ones) that what he had to say was worth paying for. He was endlessly trying to sell his books and videos (and endlessly complaining about copy right infringement) to a croud that barely thought free was a reasonable price for his research. He finally surrendered on the video thing (links to the free youtube copies of his stuff are now on EM), and he hasn't used his FB page to plug much of anything for some time now. Perhaps he has come to realize his true worth.