Thursday, 19 June 2014

Hoagland grandstanding on BBC - Paxman clearly unimpressed.

Absolutely repugnant. Listen to the smugness of Hoagland and how he tries to give the impression that he is heading up a "team of scientists." Paxman meanwhile can barely keep a straight face.


  1. Ah yes the team. When Hoagie was actually interacting with nonpaying fans on FB he loved to talk about all the research he was doing, like he had a physics lab in his basement. The silliness of the pretension reached its zenith for me the day he posted what he labeled as an artist's rendition (like the Enterprise Mission has a graphic arts department) of the "artificial" asteroid YU55. It turned out that the image was really an altered picture of a Borg Sphere model from some online catalog. Ironically enough, it was one of the faithful who figured out the con first. Hoagland had no comment of course.

    1. Gawd, I remember that. What an utter embarrassment.