Tuesday, 5 January 2016

The cult of Richard C. Hoagland and his deluded followers.

Today I read a most excellent blog post by our very own most excellent Dr Stuart Robbins regarding Richard C. Hoagland's decades-long demonstrable mendacity. I highly recommend giving it a read.

It got me thinking. Just how long has Hoagland been spouting terrible lies and living in his Walter Mitty world pretending to be a scientist? - Of course, the face on Mars was where Hoagland started his monster extrapolations.

Face on Mars: Credit NASA

As one can see from the above high-resolution image there is no face. Then I spotted an image posted on a pro-Hoagland facebook group.

The original 1976 Viking orbiter image with added monkey-guy.

There followed a discussion where people absolutely, positively, believe everything Hoagland has stated about the face. Impossible as it may seem, there are still people who are so wrapped up in Hoagland's lies, that no evidence, and I really mean NO evidence will convince them that;

  • Hoagland is in no way a scientist.
  • Hoagland has no degree of any kind. In fact, a high school diploma is as good as it gets.
  • NASA does not murder its own people.
  • NASA did not "nuke" the face to make it less face-like.
  • Hoagland's hyperdimensional torsion field detector experiments are worthless junk science.
  • Hoagland is plain wrong about the Chinese Moon landing findings.
  • Hoagland deliberately manipulates images to "prove" his hypotheses.
  • Hoagland accuses NASA/ESA/Russia/Japan/India of manipulating images to hide buildings.
  • Hoagland wrote much of "The Monuments of Mars" in prison.
  • Mike Bara wrote most of Dark Mission while Hoagland contented himself with preening.
  • Hoagland will use any tragedy. Even if  human lives were lost. To try and shoehorn his insane ideas and pseudoscience into that tragedy. Hoagland will then claim that his torsion field physics could have prevented the disaster. 
  • Hoagland claims that the same torsion field physics could have been used to CAUSE the disaster. He claims elites on one side are messaging other elites about Hoagland's physics by killing thousands of people.

The list could go on, and on, and on, and on......much like that bloviating fucking windbag Hoagland himself. It will never cease to disappoint me that there are people who are still looking to images that are hundreds of times worse resolution and 40 years old to make a case for Hoagland. These same people refuse to even contemplate Hoagland could be wrong. Even when presented with irrefutable mathematical proof. 

I wonder if these people are the same poor saps who sent Hoagland money when he was at his E-begging best trying to raise money for a trip to Giza. He didn't get enough filthy lucre, abandoned the trip, and instead went for a meal at a mountaintop restaurant with his fake doctor girlfriend. Where he claimed to have used the natural limestone of the mountain as a stand in for The Great Pyramid. Hoagland, of course, claimed to have obtained stunning results. Which isn't surprising, since Hoagland always gets stunning results. He is GUARANTEED to get stunning results every time he opens up his laptop and switches on his toy apparatus. He will tell you this himself. In a round about way. If you have an hour or two to spend hanging around while he finally gets to the fucking point.

One can only wonder what utter balderdash the Hoaxmeister will come up with in 2016. More of the same I hear you say. Indeed, it will. There will be more arcologies, more glass domes, more ancient spaceships that are NOT comets, and more NASA/ESA et al cover ups. Hoagland is nothing if he's not predictable. 


  1. Historical fact: Hoagland was quick to promote the original "Face" image because he was accredited to the Viking mission at JPL. What publication was he representing -- an astronomy journal, perhaps? No -- an airline in-flight mag.

  2. You call that *quick* Expat? Hoagland started to get into Face research and promotion only somewhere around 1989, that is what, more than a dozen years later? But you probably meant he got quicker later on to leave out it took only 12 years to realize it, and only I think because Carlotto published about it in Applied Optics in 1988 or perhaps the work DiPietro, Molenaar & Brandenburg in the same year. It was *then* he had to move quick to be the frontrunner and expert on what was basically, initially a gamble. Later on, it was more like maintaining life style, identity, income and self-esteem. Truth might have never been the target though, even in 1988. For years I wondered if there ever was a tipping point but then I realized there never was. In Hoagland's universe there's only Hoagland and all the devils hiding truths and attacking him. It goes back a long way.