Thursday, 28 January 2016

All Quiet on the Woostern Front.

It's been unusually quiet on the Woo front these past few weeks. Nobody (not even David Wilcock) has claimed that human ascension into light beings is imminent (again). I'm pretty disappointed in that. Usually, at this time of year, I am still patiently waiting to ascend. I want to be a light-being dammit!

Richard C. Hoagland has his internet radio show that is still on the air, despite many financial issues and the fact that Hoagland fucked off Art Bell by his unprofessional and narcissistic behaviour. Art Bell even went as far as to launch a broadside against Hoagland on the Bellgab forum. If you really want to see just how far Hoagland has fallen. Simply check out his thread on Bellgab. It's a long thread but shows Hoagland's initial success followed by his rapid demise because of his lunacy.

My recent favourite crock of shite spouted by Hoagland is that the recent storm that hit the USA was engineered by "those in the know" to "send a message" to "someone about something." His proof? - none whatsoever apart from mentioning HAARP.

Meanwhile, Mike Bara, Hoagland's former most trusted acolyte has been producing nothing apart from a couple of nut-hugging sessions with Jimmy Church on Fade to Black radio. True to form Mike is still insulting people on Twitter and banning those who do not agree with his evolution denials, his new found "Sitchin style" crap about the Annunaki, or even about football. Bara is also still trying to pretend he's a player, a casual hero, all round intellectual and converter of virgins. When in fact he is still advertising online for a girlfriend. Mikey boy has even gone as far as to post pictures of himself with a couple of attractive women at some conference. The intent here is clearly to suggest he's the real deal when it comes to bedding the ladies This is as wrong as the crap he writes in his books. Mikey boy doesn't realise that Women do not like being called cunts too ugly to reproduce and that Men turn to stone when they gaze upon their ugliness. Yes, folks, Mike did say that to a female critic who called him out on his disgraceful attempts at science. I don't like Mike.

Mike Bara: Not a nice man.

Update: As Dr Stu Robbins pointed out, Bara went with the new proposed Planet 9 hypothesis. Bara was then given the Expat treatment here, and Dr Robbins wrote about the proposed planet here.


  1. I think you missed the Planet Nine hype. Mike did use it for his stuff, but I'm 3 months behind on Hoagland and so don't know if it was discussed there. Martell was on C2C hyping it.