Wednesday, 30 December 2015

Richard C. Hoagland and his fawning lickspittles.

Readers of this blog and others. Aimed at correcting the heinous crimes committed against science by Richard C. Hoagland and his gang of fake scientists will no doubt be aware just how indoctrinated the members of "Branch Hoaglandia" are.

Recently I have engaged in another attempt at educating these poor lost souls via a closed facebook group which is called "Richard C Hoagland." Astonishingly I have not been banned yet. As is wont to happen with these type of groups when any dissent from their blinkered views is put forth. I found it quite appalling just how ignorant of real science these people are. They absolutely suck up everything the Hoaxmeister says as gospel, and will simply refuse to read any explanation proving their Lord and Master wrong.

What a waste of fucking time. Or is it? Perhaps there are people who read but don't post. Perhaps these same people did actually take the time to read the links I provided exposing Hoagland's utter mendacity and disgraceful attempts at mathematics.

I found I had three main adversaries. First off, in chirped Hoagland's main bum chum Keith "good ole boy" Laney. Then came the other two. Let us just refer to them as Alan Fanboi, and Tony the Bigot.
Good ole boy of course still thinks the face on Mars is real. As do Fanboi and Bigot. In fact, Fanboi actually posted the 1976 image as proof. Refusing to believe (or more likely do the hard yards and fucking learn it for himself) all attempts at trying to explain what pixel size and resolution meant. Fanboi was backed up by Tony the Bigot early on. I had someone's attention for sure. Then the insults started.

Insulting any and all dissenters is standard practice for the Branch Hoaglandians. I am used to it. This was just more of the same. Originality has never occurred to people whose 1-inch thoughts dominate their paradigm. Fanboi tried to trick me into thinking he was actually reading my destruction of Hoagland's science. Trying to sound windswept, cryptic and interesting by posting two or three-word replies. I wasn't impressed. Fanboi is a believer. He cannot be saved. I did try. He simply refused to look at the evidence and shoved his fingers in his ears shouting LALALALA...NO YOU!!!!

Next up was Tony the Bigot. He was a little more verbose than Fanboi but no less ignorant. Even in the face (pun intended) of overwhelming evidence, Tony simply refused to contemplate Hoagland could possibly be wrong. Branch Hoaglandia indeed appears to have a "Scientology type" grip over it's disciples. Rather alarming don't you think. I was then labeled a paid shill. Fuck me, I've never heard that one before. NOT!

Lady Woo then posts about the Chinese lander. She is curious about the "numbers" associated with the landing site. I corrected her, stating that Hoaxmeister himself had stated 19.5 degrees North or South are important to his theory. I told her 19.5 degrees West does not count. Then it occurred to me just why she would make that association. Hoagland himself actually mentioned the 19.44 degrees West and said that the Chinese were sending messages to the elites about HD physics. More moving the goalposts by Hoagland. In chimes Alan Fanboi, posting old and discredited rubbish regarding Cydonia and Hoagland's made up numbers. It cited first off, Hoagland's disgraceful Explorer 1 mathematics. Explorer 1 was the main thrust of my attack on Hoagland's inability to do mathematics. Yet here we have a person using it as defence. Bad show Alan Fanboi. I knew you didn't do the work, and, probably didn't even read the links. Now that's a cult for you. No, I didn't misspell anything.

What's that coming over the hill? - Hooray, here comes Tony the Bigot to shove his tuppence in.
Tony takes umbrage that Lady Woo posted something praising the Chinese. In fact, when Tony the Bigot is taken to task for referring to the Chinese people as "animals" he ripostes by actually affirming that he did indeed intend to call them animals. But this time, attempts to temper his bigotry by replacing "Chinese" with "Red Chinese."

Good ole boy then compounds his lunacy by declaring that the Explorer 1 mistake was inconsequential and didn't matter. Fucking jeebuz. What a journey this was. I think I need a shower.

Update: I got banned. All posts removed. The usual behaviour of Hoagland's Stasi.

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