Sunday, 24 January 2016

Hoagland and Cassidy share prestigious "Pants on Fire" award.

Yes folks. The results are in, and who would have predicted that this year's award would have been such a closely fought contest.

Richard C. Hoagland and Kerry Cassidy will share this years POF award after an epic struggle of bullshittery, abject mendacity and propagating filthy big lies. Ms Cassidy ran Hoagland very close last year, but Hoagland rallied later with an absolute mountain load of utter gobshite about 200 mile high buildings on Pluto to trump Cassidy's claimed attempted assassination via scalar weaponry.

Fans of Mike Bara will note that poor Mikey boy came a rather disappointing third whilst Dr Steven Greer and David Wilcock (not surprisingly) brought up the rear.

BSB POF Poll results 2016.

2016 Pants on Fire Trophy.


  1. This certainly should inspire Bara, Greer, and Wilcock to reach new depths in the hopes they can receive this award next year. If I were Bara I would be muttering something obscene and wondering what I had to do - weren't the book, the television, and the inane self-inflated comments enough? Isn't he tired of being in Hoagland's shadow? Greer needs to branch out a bit and Wilcock needs to increase his presence - perhaps he has relied to much on Cassidy and it's hard to beat the master.

    Congratulations to both Kerry and Richard, though. It just goes to show that you should never underestimate either of them.

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  3. Fresh off her victory here, Kerry was on a Conspira-Sea cruise.

    But as soon as the ship docked, another cruise participant was arrested - our old friend Sean David Morton (America's favorite psychic fraud, and constitutional common law expert). He is being accused of defrauding the government.

    Apparently the $11 million securities fraud judgement against him was not enough.