Monday, 18 January 2016

The Batshit Crazy Poll.


  1. I think I'd have to go for Kerry. Absolutely everything she comes up with is bollocks, whereas at least Mike gets the footy scores correct.

  2. I can't just pick one ... so I picked Kerry because she buys into all of the above except Greer. :(

    1. Greer is a special kind of nutcase. Rich Dolan and I had a very honest and open discussion regarding this person. Boy did I get some insider goss on this reptoid.

  3. While I think each of these are deserving of a win, I also had to go with Kerry because she was the only contestant to suffer a scaler attack. Although scaler weapons apparently do not affect pants (or cause them to burst into flames), her ability to embrace almost anyone in the pursuit of inside knowledge is amazing. Sean David Morton. Three or four interviews with "Captain" Mark Richards -. no easy task because you have to see him in a California state prison. Her interview with Wilcock where his life was in danger and she helped In his hour of need - or something to that effect.

    But it would be nice if the vote carried with it some recognition. A "pants on fire" award that could be given out each year for outstanding combustion. Similar to the razzies that are awarded for the worst films. A lot of the the contestants are depending on lifetime achievement. Just based on 2015 achievements I would also have to give honorable mention to everyone involved in the Great Slides Debacle for bursting into flames so dramatically (Carey, Schmitt, Maussan, with Dolan and Braggalia in supporting roles) and David Jacobs for yet another book taking people down the alien insect hybrid road.