Saturday, 12 March 2016

Here in mainland China.

Went to see Gods of Egypt here in China last night. I wonder how long before the Hoagmeister tells us it is a documentary about HD physics by those in the know.


  1. He's too busy hosting radio shows for more way important topics in the grand scheme of things like a second-generation dowser (who was taught by European Master Dowers and Chinese geomants) and the mighty John Mcafee himself.

    1. I am surprised he is still on air. I wonder if he is making money out of it. According to Rowland AB was taking most of the cash. Now with Art gone perhaps Hoagland is pocketing more.

  2. I watched Mike Bara's latest YouTube appearance at the LA Expo 2015. Bloody hell. The arrogance is astonishing. Talking of gravitational waves Mikey boy asserts that this may be the one thing Einstein got right. Never mind the fact that GR and SR are two of the most tested theories in physics.

    His hand waving dismissal of Einstein really got my hackles up.

    I considered blogging about it but my teaching schedule here is frantic and fluid.