Thursday, 29 August 2013

Hoagland in fantasia again...

Dear Richard,

Do you recognise this statement...

"OK, now comes the part where the "mathematically challenged" (or squeamish ...) might want to turn away. If you do, we promise we'll summarize the cool stuff -- in neat, plain English -- at the end ...."

You should because you wrote it on your website as part of "Von Braun's secret."

You then go on to completely bollocks up the mathematics. Yes, the same mathematics you are warning people to turn away from. No bloody wonder you are asking them to turn away.

Wouldn't it be more efficient to simply delete the entire mathematical mess you made. It's too late to save face of course since it has been disseminated far and wide. But for goodness sake man, have you no shame whatsoever.

Kindest Regards

None .... :)

Certainly, NOT from you.


Hi Richard,

Not much more to say on Von Braun's secret. Since you admit to having no shame.

Implicit in that statement is that you have no respect for your audience, since the whole sorry mangled mess of mathematics and abject lunacy is still on The Enterprise Mission webpage for all to see.

You often say science is nothing if it's not prediction. How's this for some science.

I predict Richard Hoagland will never admit to being wrong about anything. I also predict that he will steadfastly refuse to take down what he calls, 'a paper' regarding the over-performance of Explorer1. Even though it has been proven on many occasions to be utterly wrong because Hoagland is a mathematical dunce."

No baselines, no controls, no data, no calibration, nothing. Please stop stealing from people with your lies. Please return the funds you fleeced from your congregation to go to Egypt with your laptop, accutron and microset toys. You didn't go because you didn't get enough funding, but kept the dosh anyway. What an utter bandit.

Kindest Regards

No, Derek, I have no respect for YOU--

Since you attempted to have your girlfriend "seduce" me with the promise of "LOTS of money ..." -- if I would "just turn over to YOU all my unpublished work on the Accutron torsion field measurements ...."

Before publication.

Nice ethics, Derek.

So, the more you rant and rave, the more I am amused by your truly pathetic OBSESSION with our work.

And, if it is SO wrong ... why do you even "care?" :)


P.S. EVERY scientist or engineer at one time or another, has made mathematical errors -- even YOU. :)

Here is one of the more famous ... by the guy who "invented" the Big Bang Model, no less ....

Hi Richard,

Thank you for the reply. Although as expected you answer nothing.
Yes you were offered cash, safe in the knowledge you had bugger all data to publish since you make it up as you go along. This has been undeniably established by myself and others. You know this, yet still you have such utter nonsense as Von Braun's secret on your website.

You use no baselines, no control and no calibration. Your "science" is worthless junk. Where is this data you intended to blow our minds with. You said over a year ago you were working night and day to get this information out. Yet nothing from you. Could this be because myself and others have shamed you into silence. I'd like to think so.

Hilarious to hear you talking of ethics Richard. You fleeced money from people to go to Egypt, didn't go and then pocketed the cash. Nice ethics Richard.

You ask if your work is so wrong why do I even care ?
I care because you insist you are a scientist dong scientific work. When in fact you are nothing more than a cheap swindler making unfalsifiable claims and dressing them up as real science. Remember Hale Bopp ? - I hope you do since you were instrumental in convincing people it was something other than a comet. We all know what happened at Heavens gate. You must bear some of the responsibility of that human tragedy. It's disgusting.

Not content with Hale Bopp, we then get Phobos, YU55, Elenin, and quite possibly Ison (I predict you will be calling that a spaceship too).

Obama as a member of the Shem Su Hor, Elenin is a spaceship, miles high glass skyscrapers on the Moon, utter garbage dressed up as HD physics. Are you seeing a pattern here Richard ? - A pattern of one monumental cluster frag after another. You are no better than Sean David Morton, another well known liar and thief.

Kindest Regards

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