Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Hoagland replies, and says nothing.

9:28 PM (14 hours ago)

to me
Did YOU know that Wiki is edited by NASA (Google)?                  :)

As my grandmother used to say--

"Consider the source."       

Hi Richard,
It's very telling that you only choose to respond to emails where you have some wiggle room or you can throw forth one of your famous unfalsifiable claims. You refuse for example, when pressed, to state what units torsion fields are measured in. You refuse to admit that your Explorer 1 explanation is poppycock due to your inability to apply a simple equation correctly. But you will boldly state stuff that cannot be verified.

You could have written that Wiki (or indeed Rational Wiki, as you claimed in your reply) was edited by two of the surviving Von Trapp children supervised by Julie Andrews. It sounds as ridiculous as NASA editing pages dedicated to exposing pseudoscientists, but I cannot state that it is not true. No matter how preposterous the notion.
You told us that water is a very effective shield with respect to torsion waves, yet still wanted funding to visit the Baltic Sea object. Don't you remember being caught with that one ?
Not ONCE have you addressed your mathematical errors, and in fact they remain on your page after all these years. Perhaps you are lazy, or maybe you just don't give a monkey's curse about either your audience or your critics.
Not once have you provided baselines or controls when conducting experiments. You have never shown your data. In fact you stated that, "you would not hand over your data to complete strangers." This is what we engineers and scientists do on a regular basis Richard. It's called peer review.

Expat caught you faking data. You were nicked 100% with no get out of jail free card. You said there is a mile square ziggurat on the Moon, knowing the source of the data was from a teenage gamers forum, and quite probably knowing that the image was a fake, and not a very good one at that. Not a word though from you or Mike now that kksamurai has shown up with the original that he faked all those years ago.
As my Grandfather used to say, "If you can never admit to making a mistake, you can never be a real man."
Kindest Regards

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