Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Hoagland and Bara humiliated yet again.

Hi Richard,
This is an open letter.

I thought you may be interested to hear the latest podcast regarding your accutron torsion sensor. It may be found HERE.
I know that you will understand what Dr Robbins is talking about. Although  I'm afraid that Dr Robbins completely invalidates EVERYTHING you have ever done with your microset/accutron setup. Anyone with even a rudimentary grasp of the scientific method will understand that.
It will be an embarrassing listen, but I urge you to struggle through.

This is why yourself and Mike Bara refuse to debate real engineers or scientists. Well, I guess this is why you won't debate. As for Mike, he won't debate because he is in an ever decreasing circle, regurgitating old claptrap that he has either stolen or plagiarised.
I wonder why Noory never did get round to inviting Dr Robbins on C2C despite initially thinking it was a good idea. Although Mike, in his wisdom said to Noory at the time, "if he's on I won't listen." What he meant was, "I won't listen because I'd be publicly humiliated (again) due to the fact that Dr Robbins actually understands science, whereas I simply make stuff up, and when called out on it I respond by screaming NASA shill, homo, and ugly cunt at them."
Bara truly is a repugnant little man. You are better than that Richard, why not take up the challenge and respond to Dr Robbins refuting his claims.
Oh and isn't it great that Terry James aka KKsamurai has shown up. You know..., the guy who faked the ziggurat. He admitted he created it, still has the original, and has called out you and Mike as thieves and liars. Mike even dedicated almost an entire chapter to this fake. After you told him it was real. That was a master stroke Richard. Make Bara look like an arse for nicking all your work and publishing it for himself, by telling him what was clearly a fake was real. Pure class.

Kindest Regards

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