Tuesday, 10 September 2013

Hoagland baiting.....

More Hoagland baiting, with a reply OMGZ !!!!!

Hi Richard,

Please find attached a graph I put together in my lab this morning showing what an acceptable graph should look like.

No off scale rubbish, data clearly labelled and unmanipulated.

May we see a torsion field graph similarly displayed.

Kindest Regards

When we formally publish ....

(As background, you might want to read the extraordinary history of "Gravity-Probe B" ....)


Looks like Hoaxland is going to use frame dragging as proof of a torsion field and hyper-dimensional physics.....DJE

Hi Richard,

I took your suggestion on-board regarding GPB.
I found it most enlightening. Not that I was disinterested initially.

May I ask if you propose to suggest that (in particular, as opposed to the geodetic effect) the frame dragging effect is what you envision as a torsion field ?

If this is indeed the case may I discuss in detail the mathematics involved. I have as both a graduate and as a post grad student studied Einstein's theories both special and general in some detail.

For fun (yes, geekness is a trait of mine) I have played with particular solutions to general relativity with some interesting results. Perhaps you have found similar. Even before publication, would you be willing to submit your analysis for peer review ?

I will guarantee that any analysis will be done without bias and with anonymity. The analysis would take place between the universities of both Glasgow and Santa Cruz. We will do it gratis.

If we can verify your mathematics, we will publish and concur. No BS Dick. I promise you that we will be fair, open minded and transparent.

Imagine the book sales, publicity and perhaps the Nobel prize if you are correct.

What say you sir ?

Kindest Regards

I'm not holding my breath for a reply on that one. Primarily because I think we've rumbled his next move, and he knows sod all regarding real mathematics.

Note regarding frame dragging: The effect is so small that the angle would be like measuring something that was 40 human hair widths at a distance of 10 miles. Yet Hoagland can do it with a 40 year wristwatch and a laptop.

If indeed he plans to claim frame dragging as torsion. Let's wait and see.


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