Friday, 9 August 2013

Mike Bara's internet wife.

Yes indeed, as sad as it sounds it would appear that Mike Bara author of comedy titles such as "The Choice", and "Ancient Aliens on the Moon" has found himself a Facebook wife. Her name is Sara Shanae, and, like Mike, appears to have the same unbridled contempt for anyone who does not lap at the leathery bottom of her internet Hubby. Below is a post Sara made on The Emoluments of Mars.

SaraShanae said...
Expat - Mike is very gracious when it comes to talking with fans, and he'll answer just about anything you want if you do him a favor or two, especially if it involves fellatio. So maybe you should get down on your knees and ask him yourself? ;)

I'm not your messenger girl. I'm not surprised that you'd ask me to ask him for you though. I can understand that you're too intimidated to actually do your own work. I can tell by your website, sorry "free blow", as well, that you have no idea how to form even a single ORIGINAL thought of your own. If Mike Bara wasn't around and doing what he is doing, you wouldn't have shit to stand on.

Here's a thought: Since you're so incredibly knowledgeable in all of these areas, why don't you write your own book and get published? But you and I both know why you haven't and wont do that. You don't know how to create anything. All you know is how to mooch off of other people's work.

Better put on those knee pads, chump. Looks like it's going to be your only option for success. Mike's jizz comes with a LOAD of knowledge. Sucking one off might do you more good than stalking him online ever could, anyways. ;)

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