Monday, 29 July 2013

Mike Bara - the ultimate chickenshit.

Hi Mike,
I note on Twitter that you wrote, "Why do people who spend their whole meaningless, tiny lives attacking me think I'm going to help them? #doyourownhomeworkdouchebags."

I know not of whom you speak, but I could offer some advice regarding helping people. For a start you should admit to having been caught lying like a bastard on multiple occasions, promise never to do it again, ask forgiveness for fleecing people out of their money, never ever write another book, and finally, get a real job.
No Mike I'm not jealous of your F list celeb status, nor am I jealous of anything you represent. I'm simply smarter than you. A lot smarter Mike. And indeed if you would like to put that to the test. Bring it on. Anywhere anytime I will debate you. I will even give you a heads up on the mathematics I will use to trounce your horrible grasp of the subject. Just to give you some time to prepare a defence.
 Adrienne asserts that you are familiar with the work of both Einstein and Maxwell. Indeed I have heard you often speak of Maxwell's quaternions. You state HD physics is based on a subset of the Maxwell quaternions, but of course when asked, are unable to say which ones.
Come on Mike be a sport. Let's debate live on air such goodies as centrifugal force, albedo and the speed of light. Then we can go on to discuss Maxwell's original quaternions.
How's about it MIke ? ---- Chicken again ?
Kindest Regards

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