Monday, 7 December 2015

Hoagland - "I am the only one who got it right."

Richard C. Hoagland our favourite polymath grandly announced on his internet radio show, "I was the only one who got it right." As readers of this and Expat's Emoluments of Mars blog will know, this is typical Hoagland bluster. But what was he claiming this time. He has claimed credit in the past for either discovering or designing; water on Mars, the ocean on Europa, water on the Moon, the Pioneer plaque, and of course, hyperdimensional physics.

It was none of the above. Hoagland was referring to the first ever images of Pluto's surface that arrived on Earth. Within ten fucking minutes, Hoagland was seeing arcologies hundreds of miles in scale that were, "obviously artificial." In the preen-fest that is his radio show Hoagland told his guest and audience, "I was the only one who got it right." - Whilst displaying such hubris is Hoagland's default persona. I still had to think of nice things to stop myself from throwing up. Men and women who worked ten or more years on the New Horizons mission simply discarded while Hoagland peacocks in front of them claiming credit for utterly bastardising and diminishing their hard work.

The latest images are quite simply astonishing. I wonder what lies Hoagland will vomit forth. It will, of course, be about arcologies and ancient space alien ancestors. He will see buildings and bridges and all his usual fluff. Keith Laney will no doubt be invited back as a guest. Laney is a likeable old codger. He really is but believes he sees the same shit as Hoagland in images. Below is an image which shows where the water-ice al-Idrisi mountains meet the nitrogen rich-ices of Sputnik Planum.

Image credit: NASA/JPL-JHU/SWRI

I'm waiting for Hoagland to refer to the "al-Idrisi mountains" on Pluto. You see "al-Idrisi" is almost an anagram of "Isis." - That is more than sufficient "data" for Hoagland to begin his monster extrapolations. Oh and there's more.....Enter Wiki.

Abu Abd Allah Muhammad al-Idrisi al-Qurtubi al-Hasani al-Sabti, or simply Al Idrisi /ælɪˈdriːsiː/, was a Muslim geographer, cartographer and Egyptologist.

Isis, Egyptologist.....<insert here "the model">


  1. I have to agree, Hoagland is always saying disclosure is "right around the corner", or that every, and I mean EVERY body is space is artificial. I wonder how much money he has scammed from people over the years?

  2. I know he scammed at least $2k from his Facebook fans. The Egypt trip that never happened, because he didn't get the estimated $80k he initially was aiming for. So Hoagland trousered the cash, didn't go, and nobody got a refund.

    Myself and others have wondered the same question Anon. How does Hoagland pay the bills? In 40 years he has written one and a half books and contributed a chapter to another. Expat (who has authored 9 books) reckoned perhaps $20k for Dark Mission. That leaves The Monuments of Mars and the chapter he contributed to in "Pluto -A New Horizon for a Lost Horizon to make up the shortfall of 40 years salary. I seriously doubt Monuments and the Pluto book (complete with it's 30 other contributing authors) raked in massive greenbacks.

    Dee suggested "rich old ladies donating."
    A professional scholar who has experience of Hoagland's dishonesty informed me that he is wont to renege on agreements, refuse to chip in costs and make off with the portion of cash (in this case hotel costs) that was earmarked for other expenses.
    I also know that he charges exorbitant fees for conferences, expects first class travel for both he and his girlfriend, as well as luxury hotel accommodation, and the organisers of the event must allow Hoagland certain privileges. Such as over running his allotted time-slot, stealing time from other speakers while Hoagland windbags, grandstands and crawls along before getting to the point.

    He did the above to Richard Dolan. Dolan told me this himself over a guinness at a spa in Leeds. Call me a name dropper. :-)

  3. UFOology, a game for grifters and charlatans that leaves serious scientific study twisting in the wind. Hoagland, Barra and the others are just the worst kind of people.

  4. Well, you were on the money, you Scots blog-bandit. In 7 hours from right now, Keith Laney will be on the air to spread bullshit about Pluto as only he can. I will not be listening.

    1. I might get to listen. The missus has painters coming and I have been volunteered as tea-boy and lifter of things.
      Good ole boy Laney might be fun.

    2. I listened. It was all there. Utter bullshit arcology nonsense. Hoagland even managed to "out-Hoagland" himself by claiming that the ruined arcologies he sees in the Pluto images are actually the remains of ancient flying cities.

      Fuck sake.