Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Hoagland, facebook suckers, and downright stupidity.

I find it frustrating and sad that some people can be so sucked in by Richard C. Hoagland's utter batshit crazy ideas, plain bad science, and atrocious mathematical errors yet will still fawn at his altar. Honestly, it's like Hoagland is running some kind of cult. Sadly I am not joking. See below for proof.

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Derek James Eunson
Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara. Pseudoscientist liars. Anyone remember…
Anthony D'Andrea Remember that name? For some reason Derek continues to pursue his vendetta against Hoagland, to discredit him, to distract from his messages, to do anything to prevent the truth from coming out.

He and other wackos like him need to learn that the cat is already out of the bag. While those not in bed with the cartels sometimes have to speculate about the final configuration of things or resort to guesswork at times, there is certainly enough proof out there to confirm that the government stories are bogus and there is an alternate view in the process of being formulated.

Hoagland may not always be right -- but he's a lot closer to the truth than the government's story -- and certainly a lot closer than paranoid skeptics like Derek ever want us to be.
Derek James Eunson Hoagland may not always be right?
Which one of these was wrong;
Elenin was a spaceship,
Phobos is a spaceship,
Comets Enke, Hale-Bopp, Hartley and 67/P are spaceships,
President Obama is the reincarnation of Horus?
Alan Abramowitz No one is always right.
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Derek James Eunson Texas sharpshooter fallacy.
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Alan Abramowitz You repeat the same bulletpoints smile emoticon
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Alan Abramowitz That blog by binaryspellbook is so weak. I've made better negative analyses.
The ad homenin ending on what he expects was so immature. Yes we know he looks for arcologies but not no one has refuted him on that expectation of his nor conclusions.
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Anthony D'Andrea Derek doesn't seek truth -- truth scares him. What he seeks is just attention.
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Derek James Eunson Phobos etc are not space stations. That is all I am saying.
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Derek James Eunson Not a single member of Hoagland's congregation knows how to set up an experiment. Hoagland relies on this when he tries to use a 40-year-old wristwatch to measure torsion fields and convince us he is using the scientific method. Baselines and controls are PARAMOUNT. Hoagland has shown neither. Therefore, his torsion field experiments are worthless pretend-science.
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Anthony D'Andrea Got to admire Derek for being consistent. Consistently ignorant, but consistent. First word in the title of the URL used to try to discredit Hoagland (Does Derek do anything else?) is "Pseudo". Do I even want to click on it?

I know this: NASA, or more specifically JPL, has been giving us bogus science for years. If it wasn't for Dr. Hoagland, we wouldn't be aware of any of it. I'm not qualified any more than Derek to say he's perfect or completely right or wrong -- but I know he's gotten the attention of the public onto some issues that are sorely in need of looking at. I thank him for that. And while I don't blindly accept everything said by ANYONE, when Hoagland speaks, he will have ,my ear, my respect and my appreciation.

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Derek James Eunson Anthony.Two things. As an electronics engineer of 30+ years experience, I do know how to design an experiment. Richard Hoagland is not a Dr. He has no degree of any kind never mind a Ph.D. - In fact he has nothing more than a high school diploma.
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  1. These exchanges are easier to understand when life for anyone not touched or "cursed" by reason is seen as the circus. On such stage, with such an audience, all the clowns will become credible performers. Any attempt to spoil such performance will be booed, naturally.

    Funny to see how the relevance of Hoagland is defended by this article of faith: the "bogus" science of NASA/JPL, a conclusion which is based only on theories by that same Hoagland, mostly by ambiguous visual evidence and conjecture and not any scientific process or analysis. This is a closed loop logical system. Nothing is going to break that loop without self-reflection in place. Life itself might provide it, who knows. The Internet does seem to bring several types together, creating the appearance of an epidemic at times..

  2. Everything gets turned around. Suddenly we are the ones who are stupid, scared of the truth, lacking in reason and gullible. It doesn't matter if you can prove mathematically how wrong Hoagland is. They simply don't care. Or more likely cannot do the calculations themselves. This is Hoagland's prime audience. The dunces.

  3. Take heart -- it looks very much as though Hoagland will lose his digital radio show now that Art Bell has quit (yet again).