Friday, 20 November 2015

Hoagland and Bara. The man behind the bullshit exposed.

Hi Richard, Mike,

I hope you are aware of James Oberg's latest expose of your long time friend and colleague Ken Johnstone.

Expat has conveniently blogged the whole investigation for us to peruse at our leisure.

It makes some horrific reading. Poor Ken. In trying to legitimise himself, he has left the door open for some very interesting details to emerge. And I am not just talking about the phoney online Ph.D. he essentially awarded himself. No sirs, I am talking massive lies, monumental deceit, downright chicanery and sharp practice on Johnston's part. Much of it gleaned from FOIA requests.

Since Johnston is the linchpin of your Moon investigation, do you think that he should still be trusted. Do you feel comfortable basing decades of work on the reputation of a proven liar and trickster?

It is a long read, I admit. It is however thoroughly researched and detailed. I highly recommend both of you read it. Or you can do what pseudoscientists, con artists and hucksters usually do. Refuse to read the truth and instead simply state that the powers that be are trying to sully poor Ken's reputation. You know. The kind of thing you two pranksters do when you get caught out lying.

Like Richard did when I called him out on the torsion field investigation he was angling for in the Baltic sea. Simply by asking him how could he measure a torsion field from many metres deep. When he himself had stated that water is an excellent shield against torsion waves. I got some hand waving answer accusing me of not understanding shielding. Oh my how the engineer laughed at that one.

Then we had Mike stating that light travels all the way to the floor of our deep oceans before being reflected back into space. Hence, the ocean appears darker from space than the clouds do. Oh my fucking god. This is wrong in at least 4 different ways. It is not even wrong it's so bad. I've yet to hear Mike try and wriggle out of that laughable error. That will be fun if he ever does. I remember Mike saying, "I never said that" on many occasions. Even when being quoted verbatim from one of his own books.

Kindest Regards

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