Thursday, 24 April 2014

Hoagland: Death threats, rabbits and insanity.

Hi Richard,

I heard you accuse Gary Leggiere of making death threats towards you on C2C. You stated that you have evidence for that. Well I hope you do since Gary is now talking about getting lawyers involved.

You had lapdog Noory cut him off. Brilliant defence really !!!!!

I also heard you tell Noory that Gary was insane. I happen to know that Robin and you tried to have him dragged off to the loony bin. And that Robin posed as a real doctor.  Not only that, but she also pretended to be Gary's primary physician. I don't know about the USA, but I can tell you that here in Scotland that is a crime that would warrant jail time.

I hope Gary does take you to court. I really do. There will be a queue as long as the stream of bullshit you have been peddling over the years lining up as witnesses for the prosecution. You can count me in for sure.

Oh, and the Jade Rabbit analysis was hilarious. Amplified noise is NOT glass domes for fuck sake.

Kindest Regards

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