Thursday, 24 April 2014

Fade to Black all ye hamsters

Hi Richard,

I was listening to a Coast episode from a while back where George asked you about the rodent on Mars.

You replied that NASA were responsible for putting out these fake images as a ploy to deflect from all the real stuff lying around. Where people would say ,"oh look there's a hamster," and assume that all the artifacts you claim to be scattered around are simply more pareidolia.

How much cake do you want to have and eat as well. It's like arguing with a know it all recalcitrant teenage brat. You simply move the goalposts when cornered.

Let me get this straight. NASA cannot be trusted and NASA can be trusted, but only when you know how to read between the lines. NASA airbrushes out ziggurats, miles high glass towers and UFO's. But NASA also airbrushes in iguanas and various forms of rodentia.

Have fun with your show. We will certainly have fun listening I am sure. You may  want to take a listen to Dr Robbins on Dark Matters Fade to Black.

Courtesy of the NASA airbrushing division.

Courtesy of Richard C. Hoagland, Mike Bara and Photoshop.


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