Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Mike Bara: "The laws of physics don't exist."

Hi Mike,
Do you remember this:

NEW PAGE: So I take it you would disagree with Stephen Hawkings’ recent book, The Grand Design, in which he declared that the universe didn’t need a creator to exist?

BARA: Absolutely. I’m completely confident that I can prove there’s no such thing as the laws of physics; therefore I don’t see how Hawking can base his beliefs on them.

We are still waiting for the "proof" you claim to be in possession of. 
Of course we will never see it, unless you happen to stumble across one on a kiddies computer game forum. Shades of the ziggy Mikey ?

How would it be possible for a mathematical DUNCE to prove there are no such things as the laws of physics. A dunce who thinks centrifugal force makes you heavier. A dunce who thinks light can bounce off the seabed of our deep blue oceans and back into space. A dunderheid who has no clue about orbital mechanics or planetary eccentricity. A homophobe who routinely dismisses critics as gay. A rude, ignoramus of a man who referred to a woman critic as a "cunt."

Not holding my breath for that "proof" anytime soon.

Oh, and love the new 'shopped ziggy.

Kindest Regards

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