Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Leeds Expo 2013

Hi Richard/Mike,
I have arranged to meet my friend Richard Dolan in Leeds later this month at the Leeds Expo 2013.
High on the agenda will be both of your work. I plan to explain in easy to understand mathematical terms exactly why neither of you should be afforded any credibility whatsoever as researchers or scientists.
I will take with me a veritable treasure trove of howling errors, lies, stolen and plagiarized work.

For example, Mike's ridiculous explanation of eccentricity, his laughable understanding of light, and of course my favourite centrifugal force howler.
I also won't forget to bring along all my social media clips. Such as Mike Bara writing on facebook, "Who the FUCK is Richard Dolan anyway."
I'm really looking forward to explaining just how disastrously wrong Richard's pretend mathematical analysis of Elenin was. The ideal rocket equation is also something that will be discussed. Since it is even yet freely available to laugh at on the Enterprise website.
Would either of you two sciolists care to respond. I feel that it is only fair that you be forewarned and given a chance to defend yourself.
Incidentally a defence should consist of more than calling your critics a douchebag, a cunt, a homosexual or a NASA operative as Mike in particular is wont to do. Hoagland to his credit refrains from the low class insults of Bara and prefers to stick with the ABC agency accusations.
Kindest Regards


You're a source of endless entertainment ... a case-study in classical "obsession."          :)


Hi Richard,
I'm sorry to hear that you find plagiarism, lies, obfuscation, disgraceful mathematics and even more disgraceful claims of science amusing. Is this really how you view the poor saps who buy into your palaver.
It's an utter mystery to me why you describe yourself as a scientist with "decades long demonstrable scientific competence." I'm utterly bamboozled Richard. You know I have taken apart your terrible mathematics, torn up your hand waving probability calculations regarding comet Elenin and pointed out on numerous occasions why your paper on Werner Von Braun is poppycock.
Why are you still pretending to be a scientist. You don't even have the decency to remove the thoroughly discredited Von Braun paper from Perhaps it's just to spite the people who have shown you to be a sciolist. Perhaps you simply just do not care.
Kindest Regards
No, I just don't care about YOUR obsessive stalking ... or opinions.

You obviously have NOTHING better to do, which tells us a LOT about your life ... or, the need to actually have one.

Derek, as usual you have it all backwards. I've never called you a cunt. I said you you're so angry because you HAVE a cunt.
Say hi to my buddy Dick. On second thought, don't. If he listens to you he's not important enough to care about.
Loath and despising,
Hi Mike,
Thank you for the reply,
Any chance you can explain planetary eccentricity or perhaps orbital mechanics to a cunt ?
Kindest Regards

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