Friday, 12 July 2013

          Sciolists frauds and crooks.

Some observations regarding the sciolist who goes by the name of Richard. C. Hoagland. Not many people have the ability to think on their feet quite as fast as Hoagland. He employs a variety of defence mechanisms when cornered. These include but are not limited to; shouting over the questioner, scattergun replies usually quoting himself to confuse his opponents, having awkward questions fobbed off by his friend George Noory, completely ignoring the question and smugly telling the questioner what question they should have asked, or he simply tucks tail and runs.

George Noory’s intellect does not allow him to challenge Hoagland on any issues. He therefore is guided like a small dog with a tartan overcoat by Hoagland to perform in whatever manner pleases the pseudo-scientist in that moment. Hoagland only has to say hyper-dimensional physics and George Noory immediately falls to his knees, builds a religion around him and continues fawning and agreeing with every preposterous piece of claptrap that comes out of Hoagland’s mouth. I had no idea a radio host could be so subnormal and still be successful. It’s quite the puzzle.


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