Friday, 12 July 2013

                              A Letter to Hoagland.

Hi Richard,
As you probably know Curiosity will revisit Shaler in the near future. I noticed on the C2C website that you described Shaler in these terms, "A series of strikingly geometric, horizontal structures -- nicknamed by Enterprise "the Apartments" after their eerily "constructed" appearance. Measuring only inches in height, the key aspect of these features is not their scale ... but their INTENSELY "ordered" appearance ... which, to the uninitiated, only superficially resemble "geological strata" (as they've been officially identified by NASA)."
However previously on your own webpage you talk of Shaler in these terms, "NASA to investigate mysterious linear features called Shaler, which Enterprise has previously identified as "Martian apartments."
You even show the formation alongside of the destroyed Murrah building in Oklahoma City.
Since you have refused (until now) to answer questions on Shaler since it's dimensions were discovered (after you had mentioned apartments.....not nicknamed the formation apartments), will you now concede to having backpedaled substantially.
It's utterly obvious that you have. You spoke quite breathlessly about Shaler before it was revealed that it was an inches high formation. You said apartments Richard. You did not nickname Shaler until now.
That is deceitful and shows a complete lack of respect for your audience.
Oh and your use of the word uninitiated is surely wrong in the context you are attempting to create.
You are slipping down the road of Mike Bara. Who admittedly isn't as smart as you, therefore I am surprised to see you use his horribly inadequate escape route.
Bara will lie, get caught, then say "I never said that," even though it's in print. He will then resort to calling his critics, one of the following; ugly, a cunt, a douchebag, a hater, a psychopath, a homosexual, jealous of his success....etc"  - You get the idea. Please don't stoop to the level of Mike Bara.

Kindest Regards


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