Friday, 13 November 2015

Mike Bara - Dunderhead at large

Mike Bara, world famous misogynist, thug, homophobe and hater, is at it again. As Expat pointed out on his blog Mikey boy thinks the EM Drive violates relativity. What a fucking dickhead I hear you say. He couldn't have said that. Well, I am afraid he did. Not that having his horrible errors read out to him from one of his own books has ever stopped Lard Bottom from saying, "I never said that."

So sayeth Mike "Cartman" Bara.

Hi Mike,

I see you have been making an arse of yourself yet again on Twitter when you wrote this.....

"This doesn't "defy the Laws of physics." Relativity and Einstein are simply wrong."

You then try and plug your awful error-laden book The Choice. Don't you get it Michael, the EM drive violates Newtonian physics not Einsteinian. If you actually understood physics you would realise that. I always knew you were a dunce. But man, this really takes the biscuit.

Are you going to try your usual stance when you get caught making shit up and resort to, "I never said that." - Well yes you did say that Mike, and it's still on twitter.

Why are you not getting an invite to Hoagland's show. It would make great radio listening to the pair of you trying to out-bullshit one another. Or perhaps you two still aren't talking after you ripping off Hoagland's work and writing the same book 4 times with it.

I also heard you once again when interviewed state that Sitchin channelled his books directly from the Annunaki. Yet you still claim he was a scholar of ancient texts. Make your mind up Mike. Sitchin was either the great scholar your earlier interviews claim, or he was a batshit crazy old fuck who conned a whole slew of people (including you) out of money while he skipped to the bank.

Kindest Regards


  1. "Kindest Regards"

    LOL... don't lie!

    1. Sorry. Canny help it. Must be a Scottish thing.