Tuesday, 28 July 2015

Mike Bara chain brain-farting live.

I really think Bara has lost the plot completely. Either that or he does not give a rat's arse about his audience. His latest performance on Coast to Coast was quite simply staggering regarding the level of absolute mendacity, insanity and self-aggrandization on show.

Below are a couple of examples where Bara claims.....

The images of Pluto show NASA is wrong, and Bara loves how the latest information corroborate his personal theories.  He states that he loves NASA giving him credibility even when he didn't ask for it.

We also find out that Sitchin didn't "channel" his later works from ET. Oh no. Zecharia Sitchin took dictation directly from the King Annunaki Enki. Who apparently is still alive and living on planet Earth.

I shit you not folks. This performance is really really bizarre.

The above and many more nuggets of Bara's abject ignorance of his chosen specialist subjects are contained in the video. The Bara mental breakdown starts at approximately 1hr 12mins.

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