Thursday, 9 July 2015

Mike Bara's new age love of people exposed

Taken from Bara's Twitter. First he's gloating that an ex "Ho" isn't having a good life, then he's masturbating whilst watching himself on TV.

Mike Bara: Professional cunt.

Then I spot that he's going to run with this from the BBC. Astonishing confirmation of Dr Tom Van Flandern's discredited fission theory.

Source: BBC science and environment.


  1. We must be communicating telepathically.

  2. Oh look what I just found

    Mike Bara on Twitter 26/06/2015 "Never get tired of seeing myself on TV. Seriously, it never gets old."
    (source Twitter

    Mike Bara on Facebook 09/2012 "I LOVE watching myself on TV. Seriously. It never gets old."
    (source :

    It never gets old... unlike Bara's tired old sayings and pathetic need to admire his own reflection, apparently!

  3. Note there is still a major issue with this comment form on your blog. Clicking Publish simply wipes the form and does nothing on all the browsers I try except IE, and in IE it's all contained in a little window and really difficult to use. Don't know what's wrong but it makes it near impossible to comment (I had to fire up another laptop just to post these last couple of comments).

    1. Hi Chris,
      I have noticed similar both here and other blogs randomly. Which of course makes it a pain in the arse to replicate. I have checked all settings and all seem correct. Anyone have an idea?