Monday, 19 September 2016

It looks like we all were wrong.

I do not know why Hoagland still has his radio show on the internet. Most of us thought he would crash and burn. Perhaps we misundersetimated (sic) the Hoagmeister or at least his ability to peddle utter shite. Peddling shite would appear to be a at least an avenue of departure from food stamps.

Is the MILF subsiding him?

Surely not. After all, being in possession of glorious red hair does not make you Maureen O'Hara. Nor does such luck afford you a free ticket to a gravy train. Even if you sell water medicine.
 So what the fuck is going on How is this craven haired one looting the public?

I ask you.


  1. Maybe he gets just enough ad revenue to keep the lights on. He may also be using the show as a springboard to conferences. I don't imagine it's making much money, but with Snorey as competition, he has a chance to do well enough to stay on the air as long as the booze holds out.

  2. Chris,

    He is not wanted at conferences any more.
    As far as I can tell it's been years since he has the main attraction.

  3. I can see that happening, what with the Elenin thing and Bara stealing his thunder. Maybe the radio gig is just vanity broadcasting with ad revenue just covering the rental. In any case, I don't expect him to be doing much beyond his Art Bell impression.