Sunday, 3 July 2016

Politically correct....are you mental?

I've never been one to cow-tow, be polite, be a gentleman. Except in the company of ladies. However my gloat-o-meter hit 12 on a scale of 10 when ENGERLUUND  got pumped by Iceland.

They had it coming. The rest of the world are sick of hearing such sanctimonious glabber spewed forth by the English media. "Shades of '66......the boys of '66..... Get a hold of yourself English. You have done nothing in football for 50 fucking years. Get over yourselves. Your empire is gone.

The sun never sets on the British Empire, because nobody trusts an Englishman in the dark. I believe that was a Chris Hitchins comment.

 Have some humility. Like we Scots, Irish, and Welsh. Expect nothing, have a party. Integrate, be ambassadors for your country. Allow the locals to see what you are. You are not the minority who riot in the streets, you are not the monkey brained idiots who sing, " If it weren't for the English you would be Krauts."

Be Scottish, or Irish, or Welsh in your mentality. A small minority can have a damaging effect. This nationalistic bullshit is perpetrated by the sports media. Those dinosaurs who have not emerged from the 1966 fluke. John Motson is guilty.

And he wears preposterous clothes.


  1. The Portuguese kicked everyone's ass this year. As an American of Portuguese extraction (and who isn't really a soccer fan) I find the nationalistic arrogance pretty much everyone (especially the French) displayed to be rather funny given the result. Whoever is running the Cosmos seems to have a sense of humor.

    1. Least you don't call yourself a "Portugese-American".

    2. I don't, but that is the PC term for it. Where I grew up though, we (when we bothered to refer to it all, as we saw ourselves as Americans, period, end of sentence) just called ourselves Portagees. As in "kiss my portagee ass". We didn't even know how to spell PC.