Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Douglas Dietrich

Never heard of him?
Neither had I until I heard him referenced by Gene and Chris at the paracast forum. I see now what they were talking about. This guy is utterly fucking batshit off his rocker. Almost as bad as Kerry Cassidy. Richard C. Hoagland and Mike Bara would be impressed by this nutcase and his bullshit capabilities.


  1. I tried listening but I couldn't. Just too painful.

    1. The Axis powers won WWII.
      According to this bitter little creep who hates America.

  2. I have to admit that I actually heard him once since he is somewhat local to me. He tends to rattle off his version of alternative history, so that by the time that you figure out what he is saying about one thing he is off to the next. So Japan flew these UFO balloons and forced us to stand down because the emperor had personally helped developed biological weapons for which there was no defense, then for sone reason we faked a surrender ceremony but you can tell it was a fake because the flag was invalid and soon after small Japanese pilots crashed at Roswell in the aftermath of a diabolical experiment . . . . all of which had something to do with how Japan saved the Jewish state in Russia, the battle over Los Angeles, and a myriad of other concerns. I think I have that right but it was quite some time ago.

    I wondered whether it would be entertaining to do a point by point analysis, but soon decided that it was not worth it and be much too exhausting. He fits right in with the Kerry Cassidy, "Captain" Mark Richards, kind of crowd. The last time I saw his name it was part of a conference with Richards' wife, Michael Horn of Billy Meier fame, and other luminaries. Stan Romanek had been scheduled for that event as well, but could not make it.

    I wonder what the context was for him to be mentioned at the Paracast forums.