Thursday, 2 April 2015

Hi Mike,

Thought you might like the below. It screams Mike "Cartman" Bara humour all over the place.

Oh, you didn't realise that many of the skeptical community have nicknamed you "Cartman Bara." You know. People such as engineers, scientists and physicists. People with real qualifications.

​Comments such as, "If you look at us we are extremely poorly adapted to live on this planet.  It's fairly obvious we are not from the Earth." Make you look like an abject moron.

Prefacing that comment and claiming that we were hybrids of giant annunaki and smaller neaderthals hence our current size is mind boggling in its absurdity.

When did you become an expert on evolution, anthropology and genetics ?
In fact when did you become an expert in anything but utter gobshite and lies.

The "Say No to Bad Science" campaign continues.

Kindest Regards

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