Friday, 10 April 2015

George Noory tells it straight about Mike Bara

Yesterday I emailed Dr Stuart Robbins asking if he had been invited by George Noory or Jimmy Church to partake in a debate with Mike "Cartman" Bara. A debate that Bara had agreed to on both Coast and Fade to Black. I copied George Noory on my email. I got two replies from him. The first is below. The second was personal. So here is the email I sent to Dr Robbins

Hi mate,

Listened again to you calling in to The Jimmy Church show. Probably 2014 or thereabouts. Now as we all know when I email bugged Noory about the promised Doc Stu vs Cartman Bara debate he replied, "It takes two to tango."

Jimmy admitted he was a massive fan of your podcast, which, in my opinion, means he knows both Bara and his mentor Hoagland are utterly incapable of any meaningful mathematical or scientific capability.

Bara has bragged ad nauseam that he has debated and beaten NASA's best Doctors. This of course is a serious lie. Who has he debated from NASA and when ?

Bottom line. Have either Church or Noory ever gotten back regarding the much promised debate. Or is Bara doing his usual big mouth, no backup, yellow belly routine. Then squirming off with his tail between his ample butt cheeks ?


George Noory then replied with the below;

Bara refuses to debate.

So there we have it. As we all knew Mike Bara is a coward. He routinely accuses his critics of constantly threatening to beat him up and writing disgraceful things about him. He also makes bold claims of out-debating NASA people. All dirty stinking fucking lies of course. Well Mikey boy we have seen your true colours now. Chickenshit yellow.


  1. Bara was on C2C very briefly on Thursday night. The audio quality was so atrocious I couldn't understand a word.

  2. Art Bell has banned liars in the past. I wish Noory would do the same.