Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Kerry Cassidy insane bloggery

Now and again for my own amusement I wander over to Kerry Cassidy's blog. Below is a post from May 31st 2015. Goodness gracious me. She recommends not overusing drugs or alcohol. Instead use "high vibrational color therapy." Well fuck me. If that's what HVCT does to you I'll stick to abusing drugs and alcohol.

"This is for those undergoing something similar to what I experienced...

I have consulted various healers.. and recommend especially Richard Bartlett, Matrix Energetics… (see below) You can read his book and study his techniques and use them easily just by watching the videos on the net. Dead easy to use.

I have been told to use magnets to change your DNA signature so it’s harder for the scaler [sic] weapons to find you… Carry small ones in your pocket. But you must use them intermittently cause prolonged use not good. Also use crystals which do the same thing. Put in rock salt to clear energies after use.

Spend lots of time in nature… Plants heal and take away negative energies and electronic smog.

Always meditate to increase your frequency /vibration and stay in highest frame of mind.

Don’t over use drugs or alcohol… Use high vibrational color therapy.

Increase immune system strength with micro plant powder and see Immusist ad on my site… Good stuff.

Also use colloidal silver when necessary and Miracle Mineral Supplement (see our interviews with Jim Humble for links and more info)…

That’s about it."


  1. I just love that "magnets to change your DNA signature." Really, Kerry has no clue about anything. She's a danger to society at large.

  2. The other hilarious part is her endorsement of Miracle Mineral Supplement. Just four days before the date of her post four people had been convicted by a federal jury in the Eastern District of Washington for importing and selling the rubbish.

  3. Indeed Expat. She believes some really crazy stuff, and some really crazy people. People who are far more crazy that either Hoagland or Bara. Sadly not too hard to believe in the woo-game.

    I have heard her say that she is an indigo child, a remote viewer and a psychic. She believes Sitchin's Annunaki shite. The same as Mike Bara does. Except I think Bara is pretending to buy into it with his eye firmly fixed on the rather large readership Sitchin conned for himself. Bara is as sleekit a weasel as they come.

    Cassidy on the other hand is just plain fucking dumb. Having said that she does get to travel the world using other people's money. And for a living too. Maybe she is playing a double bluff and she's maybe really smart as fuck.

  4. "Maybe she is playing a double bluff and she's maybe really smart as fuck."

    It's hard to know which reality would be more attractive to live in (or "tune into"): the one inhabited with so many flighty, dangerously clueless self-publicists or that other reality where they're all scheming and playing games for profit, selling insanity to clueless consumers who mostly want a bit of entertainment or comfort in a confusing life. In both realities you need the audience to spend money on it though, keeping in the industry alive either way. Perhaps it's the demand creating a void filled by marketeers with all kinds of intentions? Demand for nonsense and excitement that is -- or just a lack of some convincing entertainment supply which doesn't decay body and mind in no time?