Wednesday, 9 October 2013

Mikey Round 2.

Here are a couple of posts Mikey boy allowed on his Blog and replied to.

Why do you consistently refuse to debate me 1v1 Mike. Instead you tuck tail and run like a wee pansy shouting "you are a HOMO."

Scared of engineers Mikey love ?

Chikenshit yellow belly. With nothing to back up his big mouth.
Lets debate centrifugal force you fraud.

Kindest regards

Because A) You are not important enough for me to debate; and B) you have no ideas of your own. All you can do is repeat what others have told you, because you're not bright enough to figure it out yourself.

Where you once again prove what an idiot you are...

And I know you failed to notice, but in my crushing destruction of your precious Dr. Robbins above, I didn't mention any of the subjects you raise. If you can't come up some better defense of the subject at hand than challenging me to duel, don't post.

Pure loathing,


No debate forthcoming since Bara has the brains of a mouse.

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